Installation Supplies

Prosol offers a full range of flooring supplies. No matter the type of flooring you're working with, we know a successful and lasting installation starts with adequately preparing the substrate. That's why we offer a wide variety of mortars; carpet, cove base, resilient, wood and linoleum adhesives; uncoupling membranes; underlayments; levelers; self levelers; primers; patching compounds; sealers; and much more.

Tools and Accessories

The reference in professional equipment. We have a multitude of tools and accessories in stock for quick and efficient installation while protecting the installer. The right tool for the job both saves time and improves your project's cost-effectiveness. Here are a few of the tool and equipment categories available at Prosol: tile cutters, vinyl cutters, wet/dry saws, drills, trowels, knives and blades, knee pads, work apparel, and several other various tools.

Heating Floors

We offer a complete solution for heated floor installations. From mortars to uncoupling membranes with channel and heat cables. We have so much trust in your satisfaction with our systems that we guarantee them for life. In-floor heating systems are becoming more and more popular, since they increase a room's comfort while also saving energy.

Shower Supplies

The shower systems available at Prosol are the best on the market. They're 100% watertight, versatile and easy to install. Improper installation or using the wrong product can have major consequences on the condition of a home's structure. This is why we offer our clients free training on the various solutions available depending on their needs, as well as the steps to a successful shower system installation.


Several flooring maintenance solutions are available at Prosol, whether it's in a residential or commercial application. The product lines we carry are both eco-friendly and efficient. Plus, our various maintenance products for flooring of all types won't damage surfaces.

Molding, Trims and Wall Base

Prosol has the widest variety of moldings, reducers and wall bases in stock in Canada. The possibilities are endless thanks to the number of colors, sizes, profiles and textures available. It's the trusting relationships we've built with our suppliers that enable us to offer you so many options. Making the transitions between your different floorings and elements, walls and floors seamless can have a major impact on the visual appearance of your projects.

Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

Now available in a number of finishes and colors, vinyl flooring has flooded the residential market. The various lines of vinyl flooring we carry mimic the texture of wood or natural stone. We also have a contract division for commercial projects, with seasoned representatives that guide clients through the entire project from beginning to end, from the specifications stage to after sales service.

Resinous Floors

Resinous floors are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their resistant properties. Prosol offers a wide selection of resinous flooring as well as all the installation tools and products needed for a stunning, unique and durable resinous floor. We also hire epoxy installation experts who can guide you in your small- or large-scale projects. Epoxy at its best.